A Genre Analysis of Food and Beverages Industry Menu


  • Aishah Amirah Zainal Abidin Kolej Universiti Islam Antarabangsa Selangor




genre studies, genre analysis


Genre studies have its reach in almost all of the written materials available either through printed copies or online publication. Studies of genre provided a glimpse of the structure and order in which the written or spoken text are constructed. The importance of genre studies and analysis of written or spoken materials through the lens of its genre cannot be understated. The study aimed at investigating the textual features that identify restaurant menus as a genre. From the analysis of moves/steps and lexico-grammar, five main communicative purposes of menu have been identified. These purposes are; to inform, impress, make a statement, suggest, and give a disclaimer. The study's findings can serve as a guide and reference to the people in the food and beverages industry and the field of genre studies.


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