About the Journal

Journal plays an important role as a formal communication system and recorder. Its publication aims to illuminate and report on the latest findings in the field of research. Hence, journal in the journal should feature a special report, in the field of current, accurate and progressive knowledge in a field of knowledge. The publication of journals by a higher education institution represents part of its success in the field of publishing and research. e-JBL (eISSN: 2682-8987) is a journal in linguistic and linguistic fields encompassing Malay, Arabic, English, Mandarin and Japanese. The study in the journal is critical and the latest discoveries in language and linguistics.

Language and linguistic significance can not be denied because language is a communication tool for connecting basic needs in conveying the wishes of a thing. Thus, the publication of this journal will further promote the study and writing that catalyze the development of important languages among academics.

e-JBL publishes issues in May and November.



Collecting scientific articles related to languages and linguistics that can impact the teaching of the language in particular.

Become a platform for the writing of language journals among KUIS academicians and IPTs in general.

Making e-JBL a reference material in language and linguistic fields.



Involving language articles encompassing Malay, English, Arabic, Mandarin and Japanese.

The e-JBL scope focuses specifically on language and linguistic aspects only.

Provides an opportunity for academics to contribute quality scientific articles in the field of linguistics and directly to enhance the discovery of new theories and new contributions in line with the development of language and linguistic sciences.